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Toll Treatment Agreement

PERTH (miningweekly.com) – Gold developer Maximus Resources signed an agreement in the first half of 2017 on the treatment of tolls at its Burbanks wastewater treatment plant in Western Australia. The agreement provides for a minimum meal capacity of 200,000 tonnes for La Manche, divided equally between two mill campaigns scheduled for April and September 2010. Until that recent gold casting at Three Mile Hill, Focus had processed ore from its Tindals exploration centre in Coolgardie, at the nearby Greenfields Mill. Australian gold producer Focus Minerals (ASX: FML) has announced the signing of an outcry processing agreement with TSX-listed mining company La Mancha Resources (TSX: LMA) for the processing of ore from the La Manche White Foil gold project. Campbell Baird, chief executive of Focus, said the deal with La Manche offers significant benefits to both sides. Vancouver, B.C/ TheNewswire/September 1, 2016 – CMC Metals Ltd. (the “Company”) is pleased to announce that the Company and Pruett-Ballarat Inc. (“PBI”), the mine operator and joint venture partner of radcliff Mine`s division, have jointly signed and on behalf of their joint venture (“the JV”) an agreement to register Golderz with Klondex Mines Operations Inc. (“Klondex”). The renewable agreement on the purchase and sale of gold ore allows Klondex to process up to 6,000 small tons (“tons”) of oxidized gold rock, delivered until December 1, 2016 in batches of 1500 tons at its ore processing mill located at the Midas mine in Elko County, Nevada: the agreement allows for the processing of a first small “test box” of Radcliff mineralized rock (approximately 500 tons). Toll processing would allow the company to start processing from July this year.

Under the terms of the agreement, the JV is responsible for transporting qualified mineralized materials to a “designated Midas erzpad”. The qualifying material must meet certain minimum levels (> 0.3 ounces/tonne) and certain maximum concentrations of undesirable elements (up to 50 ppm mercury, 1% arsenic and 0.25% copper). The joint venture shall be paid according to a formula which compensates for moisture and recovery and shall be subject to processing costs per tonne. The agreement is attractive to the joint venture as it will allow the processing of certain appropriate “oxides” of mineralized materials present or already mined in the Radcliff mine (in the western central part of Panamint Range, Inyo County, near Ballarat, Ca.). The joint venture expects most of the mined materials to be processed at the company`s gold mill in Bishop, California: Bishop Mill will be in preparation for its return to service in Q1 2017. The agreement with Klondex provides for the option and access to a processing plant in the immediate future. Maximus is still able to source forage ore from other third-party sources for the duration of the toll processing agreement, while maintaining priority access to mill capacity when purchasing ore from its 100,000,000-wave stock in the Spargoville gold project, about 60 km from the mill. .

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