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Sony Interactive Entertainment Has Cancelled A Billing Agreement With You

11.1. Video content includes all live recordings or broadcasts of sports, music concerts and other entertainment events, TV shows and movies, which are made available via PSN for free distribution, purchase or viewing. What is curious is that I PayPal Sony in my payment contracts. 11.4. Live broadcast. Live content includes live or near-live broadcasts of live events. If you access live content, you may not be able to view some of the live content that occurs before the display begins. We have no control over the start and end times of a live event; The duration of a live event Live event content (including availability, quality or adequacy of content or compliance with applicable law); or that the content of the live stream is transmitted without interruption, without error and without error or delay. 1.1.

Please read this full agreement and indicate whether you agree to the terms. This is a contract between you and Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC (“YOU”). Access and use of PlayStation Network (“PSN”) is explicitly linked to the acceptance of this agreement. You accept this agreement by creating a PSN account (“Account”), purchasing a purchase from PlayStation Store, or using other uses of PSN, or continuing to use PSN after being notified of a change in these terms. If you do not agree to these conditions, you cannot create an account and access PSN or its products or services. If you accept this agreement on behalf of a child under the age of 18 (“child”), you also declare (a) that you are the parent or legal guardian of the child; (b) confirm that you accept this agreement and that you accept the YOU LLC DATA Directive on behalf of your child; and (c) take responsibility for their actions on PSN and compliance with these conditions. 5.6. Do not defame or spread lies about someone or create, edit, download, broadcast or share images or sounds of another person without their consent.

epilogue. After all this nonsense, I get an email from PayPal that Sony US had blocked my payment method without further justification. I then contacted PayPal who could only say, contact Sony for an explanation why, as they were as confused as I was. 5.22. Do not be rude to our agents, agents or representatives, or abuse or threaten. If you do, in addition to other steps we take as part of this agreement, we may limit you to contacting us by email or refuse to provide you with additional consumer support. 8.15. Transaction data. You can only make transactions with the designated regional company SIE, determined by the country or area of residence where your account is registered. Your country/residential area can be verified and refused by your credit or debit card number if the information does not match.

Please keep any messages related to the transaction that we can send you. Your transaction history is also available in your account management areas. Edit: I actually have exactly the same thing after trying to buy something in the online store. I had just bought stuff on my PS4 like half an hour ago, so I think it was just a screw with the online shop. 12.6. Other remedial measures. If we find that you or any of your related children`s accounts have violated this agreement (including the Community Code of Conduct, terms of use or other built-in conditions) or if your actions have violated or damaged the PSN community, we reserve the right to take whatever steps we deem necessary to remedy the breach or protect the interests of YOU, including: a) the automatic removal or blocking of content related to these accounts; (b) the execution of upgrades or equipment to stop unauthorized use; (c) permanent or temporary deactivation of access to NSP content or functions; (d) communication from law enforcement authorities or the relevant regulatory authority; and (e) the introduction of legal action.