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Nanny Travel Agreement

Taking a nanny on vacation can be a good idea for busy families who need a helping hand, but there are some things that need to be created in advance. Kim Dalton of Ward Williams, the home of Nannytax HR, is here to answer all your questions about taking a nanny on vacation, what to do when it comes to the nanny`s contract, travel expenses and homework. Kim says: Yes, the employer must arrange the nanny`s travel insurance, nanny NannySure pack means that the nanny`s obligations for travel outside the UK are covered when they travel with at least one of her parents for commercial or entertainment purposes. If the nanny travels with her family outside the UK, the nanny obligations are covered for 90 days during an insurance period. Kim says: No, if the nanny is on her way during her homework, we see that she is working, and it has no impact on the holiday balance sheet. If the employer has longer work hours or extra days, the employer may be required to compensate by taking additional leave instead of additional leave. Set a work plan in advance – Being on vacation means a deviation from everyday life, so this schedule will be a little different from what it is at home. Be sure to build in some downtime for your nanny, especially if she is not usually a live collaborator. Make sure that all hours worked are as well compensated as at home. Perceptions in terms of benefits for the nanny, however, can vary greatly. Some parents may think they are offering a chance to go to a fabulous new place.

That may be true, but some nannies may also feel trapped — on demand every hour, without time alone. While parents see a beach village as a great place to relax, a nanny may consider it an unknown place where a child has few toys and has to eat various foods. The nanny may also see security problems if the rooms are not safe for the children. Probably the most frequently cited performance is the level of comfort for children and parents. “If you leave your kids with a baby hotel,” said Jim Anderson, a Manhattan banker and father of two, “and they cry because they don`t know them, and you don`t know them, it`s hard to enjoy dinner.” A nanny knows the rules and routines of the family and already has her confidence. But the additional allowances are not always monetary. “The key is to understand what makes the nanny happy,” Walsh said, whether it`s the privacy of her own hotel room, gifts like a ski lesson or extra money. The most important thing is that parents and nannies get together to plan their holidays and discuss schedules and allowances.

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that the holidays are for you a work trip for your nanny. Everything you would do on a work trip applies to your nanny on vacation with you — think about expense notes. Here are a few more details to consider. Kim says: Yes, the employer must pay for flights, meals, accommodation, activities and all other travel expenses for her nanny.