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Agreement To Stop Hostilities

APLM/A-IO (SPLM/A-IO) continues to violate international humanitarian law, violate and violate human rights, killing civilians and forcibly fleeing them following clashes between the parties. The implementation of the Republican order for the free, unhindered and unhindered movement of humanitarian aid convoys, issued by the President of South Sudan in November, has been inconsistent and humanitarian access has remained very complex and unpredictable, with truck drivers hitting checkpoints, roadblocks and payment requests. In 2017, aid agencies moved more than 600 aid workers for fighting, while at least 28 aid workers were killed in service, she said, adding that such a difficult operating environment limited the current dry season before stocks were positioned. It called on the parties to the conflict to respect international humanitarian law and ensure safe and unhindered access to humanitarian aid, as stipulated in the 21 December cessation of hostilities agreement. Karel J.G. VAN OOSTEROM (Netherlands) said that reviving the South Sudanese peace agreement, led by IGAD, was the most urgent challenge. “We cannot let anyone stand in the way of peace by undermining this process,” he said, calling on all actors to get involved constructively in the second round of the High Level Forum on Revitalization. The situation in South Sudan has reached a critical point and the international community, including the Council, must respond with the strongest possible pressure. The creation of a hybrid court has been essential in the fight against impunity and the authorities of South Sudan and the African Union must do so as soon as possible. With regard to humanitarian access, he said that the Netherlands has called on the Government of South Sudan and all other partners to allow quick, safe and unhindered access to all those in need. He added that his country would support any measures, including an arms embargo, that would reduce the possibility of violence, and urged all parties in South Sudan to allow MANSUS to do its job. The contract was signed between Ramesses II and HatusiliIII III during the twenty-first year of Ramesse`s reign[14] (c.